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0According to ayurveda, it is believed that the primary cause of allergies in the body is the accumulation of toxins and low immunity. The improperly digested food, called ama and other chemical additives travel inside the body via the circulatory system and get lodged in the respiratory tissue, skin and other sensitive tissues. Therefore, if you are seeking a way to cure allergies with ayurveda, you can do so by detoxifying, strengthening the immune system and by modifying your diet. ayurvedic treatment of chronic cold, nose allergies, allergic eyes, throat allergies, skin allergies.

#Respiratory Allergies
Types -
1) Upper Respiratory Allergies: Usually Diagnosed In The Term Of Sinus, Sinusitis ,Chronic Sinusitis, Nasal Polyps ,Chronic Rhinitis Allergic Rhinitis ,Allergic Sinusitis ,Frontal Sinusitis, Watery Nose Watery Eyes ,Allergic Tonsillitis, Maxillary Sinusitis, Chronic Cold, Hay Fever.
2) Lower Respiratory Allergies Like Bronchial Asthma, Allergic Bronchitis.

#Skin Allergies
1) Severe itchings , papules, rashes on skin
2) white flaky skin
3) Eczema , psoriasis, Utricaria, fungal infections

#Wheat Allergies
Symptoms and causes:- usually children cannot digest wheat getting loose motions , bloating and heaviness in stomach, decreased growth in height and weight, low HB or blood in patients.

How to Cure Allergies with Ayurveda :

According to Ayurveda, each person has a unique physical frame. It is 'Prakriti' said. Because we are all very different in this, suits each person a certain type of food and lifestyle. Addition, there are also differences in human susceptibility to certain diseases and illnesses. In the classical texts of Ayurveda describes how certain diets, living patterns and risk factors associated with the different types of Prakriti. Moreover, Ayurveda also gives advice regarding the seasonal and daily regimen and lifestyle. This one may be susceptible to the diseases covered and avoid long, happy and healthy to go through life. By following the correct precepts, avoiding an unhealthy diet or lifestyle, one can avoid allergies learn and learn well to deal. Avoiding an unhealthy lifestyle does not mean you need to make your environment sterile and dust-free. Indeed, if you are no longer exposed to allergens, weakens your immune system is precisely. Recent research indicates that people who live in a very sterile and clean environment, essential immune substances miss everyday allergens along to tackle. This makes them much more susceptible to allergic diseases1. Furthermore, developing children who are excessively exposed at a young age allergen hypersensitivity to these substances. It is very difficult to avoid allergens that spread through airborne contact, such as pollen and dust, especially outdoors. Therefore, the development of a functioning immune system the best way to live allergy free. The following paragraphs provide some general advice for preventing allergy. You can find out what lifestyle and diet is best for you. To do so, visit a qualified Ayurveda practitioner to your physical gear (Prakriti) to investigate.

# Avoid heavy foods such as dairy, meats and nuts.
Go for a hearty lunch and opt for a very light dinner.
Drink plenty of warm water.



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